I dig in deep! πŸ’™πŸ’™

I dig in deep to find the warmth that you left behind with all the missing pieces nobody can see! I listen to the wind as it carries the sound of you where you currently cannot be!

On an off I switch like clock work all of us waiting for you! One laughing one crying, a few singing but all waiting, only if you knew!

We wait and we live but living isn’t as easy as it seems. Maybe to you but to us it’s a challenge that sometimes just can’t be beat. On an off my heart flickers with light but it’s just because the thought of you. Body here but mind elsewhere that’s because I’m full of mourning flare with the missing pieces of you!

I dig in deep planted feet letting my heart song sing. The wind passes me by and that’s when I smile because I know it’s the breath of you! No conversation no dreams but hope that I’ll see the footprints of you of course I’ll follow those steps too if those prints lead to you.

Until I can follow I’ll dig in deep to find the warmth that you left behind. From you to me it was given in pain but in happiness I’ll live, my heart your domain. The missing pieces I may not find but that’s ok because the wind will blow and they’ll lead me that way. But I’ll stay put an not for long because that flare of flares is lighting the foot printed ways and it’s calling for me to come your way..! -Donnie Sharrell

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