Blue Bird#1

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Here’s short story #2, so enjoy….

The sun was falling from its highest point in the sky putting a beautiful bright glaze over the heavily shaded park. I open my palm to let the soft wind blow through my fingers. Suddenly that familiar feeling of sadness and defeat fills up in the base of my gut. The notebook that had been sitting on the stone table in front of me lay blank, just as it had an hour prior.

Just as I was about to claim my defeat, came a sweet song in the form of a chirp. I look up to find the bird but my view is blocked by a shadow figure.
“Excuse me miss, do you have a pin I can use? I promise to give it back.”

The shadowy figure had the most beautiful manly voice I had ever heard. It sounded like a mixture of velvet and leather rubbing in between your upper thighs. He steps out of the sun’s path and that’s when I see it, the blue bird. I hand the beautiful man a pin but my attention was on the pretty bird, he was breathtaking.

I was so consumed by the beauty of this Bird that I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. Out of no where the beautiful man puts a plastic sack over my head and slams me to the ground. I was so caught off guard that my mind freezes as my body starts to fight for the sake of air. No matter how hard I fought, he wouldn’t let me go.

He was dragging me across the grass and I couldn’t see but I could hear. A door on what sounded like a big van slams open and that’s when I really go to spazzing out. I was kicking punching flinging my arm’s everywhere, but it was no use. My body bounces on the floor of the steel van and then comes the pressure, someone was sitting on my chest!

“We’ll get her to the spot and go from there” the beautiful voice proclaims. “Let me go.. “
I scream as best I could, but me pleading fell on deaf ears. Another voice proclaims…
“She’s gonna do good bro. Pretty and she has brains, she’s perfect.”

That’s when I realize what the hell I had gotten myself into. All those stories momma use to talk about with the strange man in the van who’d give you candy then snatch your ass up we’re true. As my breathing became more and more labored, the tears had began to fall from my eyes. The other lesson momma taught me, was TO FIGHT.

Now what the hell was I going to do from here? Whatever it was, I had to play this smart.
         To be continued…..
Donnie Sharrell

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